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White ink tattoos are quite debated all over tattoo enthusiasts. Some consider it crappy while for others, it’s a unique style symbol. Whatever the case may be, they are one of the most beautiful and rare ones but with a catch.

You can say they look like a well-structured custom-made scar on your body. As you would have made out by the atypical name, these white ink pieces are nowhere near the usual colored tattoos where the process of stenciling and dark shade outlining is involved, but instead, they are entirely made out from the white ink which can later be mixed with other inks to give a gleaming impression. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, and Rihanna showcase them on their skins too.

White Ink Tattoo Features

A white ink tattoo on your body can be seen as a right way of displaying something that has a particular uniqueness to you since they are not easy to spot head on because of the white ink, they’ll most likely be seen by someone towards whom they are intended.

These white ink-works supports gender equality and can easily be used for any of the genders. These tattoos have some restrictions though, as they can only be done right by a skilled tattoo artist who knows how to prove the tattoo with its required subtlety.

Many people may mistake white ink tattoos as scars or birthmarks. The problem of inconsistency becomes unavoidable due to different levels of details in different areas. This is why it’s imperative to pick a good design while considering a white ink piece.

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Is White Ink Raise?

Downright, Yes! These tattoos sure look very different from regular tats, but they are handled the same by our body. The colored tattoos are also raised a bit from the skin, but due to their vibrancy, they don’t show, but as the white ink looks kinda transparent, white ink tattoos easily look raised.

Why are They Raised?

Tattoos are naturally treated as wounds by the human body. As soon as you scar yourself with a tattoo, your body starts responding to it as a foreign object and begins the healing process. The inky pathogens are swallowed by the macrophages and then healing is done by which scar tissue builds up, resulting in the raising of the tattoo (Scarification).

White Ink Tattoos on Different Skin Types

White ink-works comes out exquisitely on a dark type of skin. The discoloration is less, and they tend to age well on dark skin. We, human beings, naturally love to see the contrast, so the white artwork on a dark skin stands out formidably without appearing much uneven or washed off.

They surprisingly starts glowing if you look at them under a black light/ UV light or if you are a party animal going to a lot of raves, the luminosity of the work, feels like a hidden treasure, now that’s a Bonus!

On a pale or white skin, due to its subtlety, these white ink tattoos sometimes become invisible. On a light skin, if the artist uses low-quality pigment, these tats may become colored over a period and look grayish-yellow in color or even a bit greenish. This occurs in other darker shades as well but is most noticeable in white ink tattoos.

White Ink Tattoos: Pros and Cons

So here are some of the most viral pros and cons of white ink tattoos:

The Cons of White Ink Tattoos

  • You’ll need a tattoo guy who is particularly experienced in white ink pieces because a regular tattoo artist just can’t get it right up to the expectations. The needle has to be inserted a little bit deeper so that the pigment can settle perfectly.
  • They look like scars which some people may find outright UGLY!
  • White ink fades away quickly and quickly than other colors.
  • It needs a hell lot of work to stand out on a Light/Pale skin types.
  • Some people may react to the white ink resulting in itchiness, swelling and even ooze from the tattoo.
  • Ultra after-tattoo care might be a problem for many people.
  • The sun gives a tough time to these white ink tattoos.

The Pros of White Ink Tattoos

  • It glows radiantly under the UV light and puts on quite a fantasy show. It doesn’t glow automatically though, but it looks cool.
  • White tattoos with a few colored borders give an interesting “Halo effect.”
  • They can be made into a 3D creative scar, which some people dig.
  • White-ink tattoos are sought for by the professionals out there in the corporate world.
  • You can make a personal statement with a simple, meaningful white artwork.

Do Remember Before Getting a White Ink Tattoo

  • Remember, you’ll have to give it exclusive care after you ink yourself with it. Protect it from the sun and keep it moisturized.
  • Consult the experts before getting one or someone who already has on white ink tattoo.
  • Some people use a touch of blue with the white to neutralize and brighten it up a notch. So, discuss it with your artist.
  • You’ll need an excellent tattoo maestro and a little bit of luck to get precisely what you’re aiming for.
  • Again and again, Research!

25+ White Ink Tattoo Ideas

White Ink Tattoos White Ink Tattoos


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