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“Trash Polka Tattoos” might seem like a new word to you, but for Tattoo enthusiasts all over the globe, it’s a Modern Aesthetic. Yes, this style of tattooing style is utterly unique and has been in persistent development since the year 2000.

So What is Trash Polka Tattoo?

Trash Polka tattoos design is a mix of elegant, realistic art collages with some alphabetical lines, smudges, and grunge. The Trash Polka art can be taken as a striking piece of art like lines, alphabets, people or even sentences, tainted with not so attractive design smudges.

One of the most noticeable things about these artworks is that they are inked in Red and Black colors only. These tattoos boast a bold, abstract and surreal look.

Who Invented Trash Polka Design?

This inkwork gets its epicenter from Germany. Two German tattoo artists, fancying to create something dynamic using modern art and technical abstractness finally came to this idea of what is known today as Trash Polka.

In Würzburg, Germany, Simone Pfaff and Volko Merschky in their “Buena Vista Tattoo Club,” after many failures, innovated something new in the form of Trash Polka tattoos.

In the words of Volko, Trash Polka means “realism combined with trash; the nature with the abstract; technology combined with humanity; past, present, and future; opposites who are craving to urge into a creative dance to harmony and rhythm,” an entirely apt description.

As an unofficial trademark claimed by the two, the art inked by the Buena Vista Tattoo Club can only be considered as an actual Trash Polka.

What Does Trash Polka Mean & Represent?

The trash polka art, at the same time, insinuates Nothing and Everything. It’s just how you look at it. For some people, it can be just shapes, fonts and people mixed on canvas, while at the same time it may portray someone’s life chronicle.

Some folks adore it while some find it too muddled to ink yourself with, but the creativity and thoughtfulness went behind it, cannot go unnoticed at all.

Trash Polka Attributes

Trash Polka tattoos design can be limitless as it combines naturalistic drawing with sharp visuals which fabricate breathtaking photo-realistic ink works.

Most of the trash polka works are quietly detailed utilizing various graphical imagery with strokes of black, high contrast classic photos and abstract graffiti elements with dramatic mugginess. This grungy part is likely inspired by the modern graffiti works you see in backstreets and alleys.

Trash Polka style is relatively new and fresh as compared to other tattoo styles, so it’s hard to say that whether it’ll stay rock solid with the passage of time or will it be washed away severely.

The aging course could prove to be a bit hard on the fine lines in the trash polka works if they are exposed to the sun a lot. The Duo of Red and Black colors are acknowledged for fading over time if not taken care of properly.

So, it’s ultimately a case of wait-n-watch, as of what time can do to these masterpieces.

Trash Polka Designs

Trash Polka designs are big and cover a lot of skin. Ranging from a full hand to whole of your body, the motifs and inspirations can be immeasurable. If you’re thinking to get a large scale tattoo, then you should consider it as this work needs a big canvas to live up to its aura.

A big body-canvas allows you and the artists to expand significantly your imagination and add a lot of details from phrases to portraits to whatever pops into your mind.

So you’re thinking of two unrelated pieces of ink which can portray different things intertwined? Cool! You can get them both in a single trash polka artwork.

The distinctive blend of realism and vision gives Trash Polka a Retro-Modern avatar. So why limit yourself, pick a style or create a unique one for yourself because every trash polka is unique in itself.

30+ Trash Polka Tattoos Designs

Trash Polka Tattoos Trash Polka Tattoos


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