Sleeve Tattoos for Women

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Women are no different than men when it comes to building up tattoos. Tattoos up the sleeve are so in trend these days, and everyone wants to have them.

The women intend to be a significant part of the trend and broadcast their arms with these mind-blowing and thrilling tattoos. Here are some of the fantastic ideas and names of tattoos that all the lovely ladies out there can get inked up over their sleeves.

Sleeve Tattoos Ideas for Women

1. Om Tattoo

Om is a vibration with a profound and internal meaning. The graceful appearance of the tattoo comes from the flowing lines. The line depicts the beginning and the end of life.

2. Malin

The Malin tattoo has originated from Sweden and is an infinity symbol with arrows stretched out in the middle. The arrow means that there is a need for setting up setbacks in life before moving ahead.

3. Glyphs

The elemental symbols in Greek are depicted as Glyphs. The size of these tattoos is minimal, but they are immensely powerful. This unique symbol symbolizes “exploring.” The constant remainder through the tattoo comes as you should never stop exploring during the journey of your life.

4. The Zen Circle

Zen circle is also popularly known as ENSO and is an ancient theme that was used in the old times for old themes. However, this has emerged up as an excellent theme for tattoos. The circle and the swish are graceful, elegant, and crisp.

The Zen circle is an incomplete circle which usually shows half of the universe and is also a symbol of strength and enlightenment.

5. Phases of the Moon

As we all know, the moon is a symbol of life. The different aspects of moon depict the changes happening in day to day life and also the constant changes. The various symbols also show that how inconsistent life could sometimes be. As we all know, life happens in a circle and then comes Karma. The phases of the moon are nothing but the remainder of the same things.

6. Zodiac Signs

The zodiac sign usually shows the personality of a human being. The zodiac signs say openly about everything like who you are as well as what is in your destiny. If you have any belief in all these concepts regarding the zodiac signs, time to get tattooed.

7. Sun

This tattoo is a popular and a universal theme to put in the sleeve portion. Sun is a life giver, and it signifies immortality and rebirth. The Sun is also a symbol of power and perseverance.

This also helps in bringing out the new beginnings in one’s life. Thus, leave behind the rough time, turn the leaves over and get the tattoo done if you are Sun fan.

8. Feather Tattoo

They are not only a very significant theme of tattoos but also have a very serious and a rich history. The distinctive nature and the beauty make it very popular and make it stand alone and out of the crowd. The feather for each bird decides its meaning, and hence a little research is needed to be done to find out about the meaning of the tattoo you ought to put.

23+ Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Sleeve Tattoos for Women


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