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Phoenix is a mystical bird that is mostly known for its appearance. Phoenix tattoos have different meanings in a different culture. The colorful and the ecstatic bird is one of the most beautiful birds that are admired by a lot of tattoo lovers all over the world. The bird symbolizes and remarks rebirth, grace, and virtue. It is considered as one of the oldest symbols and is worn by both men and women all over the world. So, in this guide we’re going to represent 20+ hand-picked Phoenix Tattoo Designs that can be used by both Men & Women.

The Story Behind Phoenix

Phoenix, in Greek mythology, means its association with fire as the purple-red color of the bird explains it all. The phoenix bird is known to live for 500 years and is considered as one of the fiercest birds of all time.

Phoenix, at the time of dying, makes a nest out of its twigs and sets it to fire followed by consuming itself in flames. Three days after it burns itself, it arises back from the ashes.

The Phoenix bird, according to the Greek and the Egyptian mythology is known for its beautiful voice and singing.

Phoenix Tattoos Meaning

Mostly the tattoo depicts fire, immortality, and is a symbol of rebirth. The phoenix rising indicates that the person is rising from the difficult times but has always maintained itself and has survived even through the most challenging times.

It symbolizes the victory of life over the death, thus depicting immortality. A good virtue in a person is also depicted through a phoenix. As well according to Chinese mythology, the phoenix bird is associated with feminine virtues like kindness and grace.

Also, everybody parts of a phoenix represents a separate virtue. The body of the Phoenix is known to depict kindness, the wing represents prosperity, and the head is known to mean reliability.

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Phoenix Tattoo Designs in Different Culture

The Chinese believed the fact that Phoenix was known for its virtue and grace. The Empress of China, however, was the only living person who could wear the symbol of a phoenix.

The Phoenix according to the Chinese mythology represents the feminine side whereas the dragon is known to show up the energy coming from the masculine.

The primary elements are depicted with the five colors which are black, white, green, red, and yellow. In the earlier times, the ancient Egyptians considered Phoenix as a symbol of Sun God. To the contrary, the ancient Romans made pictures of Phoenix in their coins to ensure the longevity of the Roman Empire.

Along with the help of the rising sun, the Phoenix is one of the significant symbols of the Japanese empire. The phoenix tattoos are also called Ho-ou according to them, and they adorn it in almost every part of their body. Ho-ou means Immortal bird. Therefore, for the people in Japan, the Phoenix is associated with mortality as well.

Also, it might so happen that the single tattoo is considered inauspicious, for the same reason many people adopt the idea of putting up two tattoos. Two tattoos together symbolize perfect balance.

20+ Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo Designs 1

Phoenix Tattoo Designs 1

Phoenix Tattoo Designs 2

Phoenix Tattoo Designs 2


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