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Koi tattoos are considered and are admired as one of the beautiful and the most popular designs which are mostly adored for their elegant designs, size, and incredible shading.

The name Koi is derived from the Japanese and is a widespread edible fish which is also considered as a playful and happy go around pet.
Koi is a very delicate species and is known for its vibrant and exquisite bunch of colors.

These features have made it to the most famous and one of the loveliest artistic designs of all time. The obscure Koi fish tattoos consist of curves that are very delicate curves, well-known scales and arching angles. These tattoos are mostly festooned on shoulder and back.

Importance and Meaning of Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish tattoos are one of the most regarded tattoos. The scales present in the koi fish design are high up and portrayed like the rainbow.
The background of the design can consist of unique ideas and display the various zones like lotus, splashing water, colors, and blossom in the cherry.

These beautiful backgrounds not only compliment the designs of the Koi fish but also take the beauty to a whole another level.

A Koi fish surrounded by the lotus flower is a representation of struggle and purity. The golden orange fish depicts a good fortune. A red colored Koi fish represents an unyielding passion and energy that never dies.

A blue koi fish symbolizes reproduction. Black koi design stands for diversity and changes in life. Dragon Koi fish helps to depict the transformation of a fish into a dragon after it has swum up the yellow river.

One of the other unique and different design includes the Pisces koi fish design tattoo which represents the Pisces zodiac sign with two fishes looking at each other.

Symbolic Representation

Koi fish tattoo designs are mostly known for bringing good fortune as they have the power to climb up through the yellow river and turn into a dragon.

Also, in Japanese culture, koi fish is known for the symbol of love and passion. In the Christian religion, koi fish depicts faith.

Koi fish designs are also symbolized courage and power of determination. The swimming against the flow brings up front the strong and independent nature.

Popularity of Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Among several tattoos, koi fish designs top the charts because of the attractions and the blend of beautiful colors.

The energetic creature amidst the ocean and the water is depicted through these tattoos. Another primary reason for people to put these tattoos is the belief that it might bring good fortune along with it.

There are vast varieties and collections of tattoos for one to choose from. The personality and attitude can be very well and efficiently depicted with the help of these koi fish tattoo designs.

25+ Koi Fish Tattoo DesignsKoi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs


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