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25+ Iconic Hindu Tattoos for Both Men & Women

The Hindu faith is the third largest religion there is, practiced by millions of people worldwide. Hindu religion instigated from India and Nepal around 500 BC, which makes it an ancient one and one of the oldest religion in existence.

Having around 33 Crore (330 Million) “Devi/Devta”, the Hindu religion is considered as one of the most peace-loving cultures over the globe.

Hindu Ideologies

Hindu religion is a powerful one having many important Gods and Goddesses all having various mythologies and life stories of love, pride, gallantry, and sacrifice.

The scriptures and rituals present in the Hindu Religion fascinate people from other religions as well. Hindu Gods are praised by reverends, or you may say the members of Hindu faith, most of whom, reside in India, the ascension place of the religion.

The mystic nature of Hinduism entices people towards itself where numerous people end up adopting it.

Even the most straightforward looking signs and text, like the “OM” in the Hindu religion, redirects to a unique narrative.

Hindu Tattoo Features

Hindu tattoos are considered as one of the most paramount out there.

There are so many ancient and sophisticated designs along the Hindu history and wide variety of the exquisite imagery, having deep and colorful meanings that many folks consider them for inking on their bodies.

These tattoos mostly portray Godly texts, sacred symbols, portraits of gods and goddesses.

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Hindu Inking Techniques

Hindu tattoos are done in ‘The Old School Tattoo Style’ featuring bold outlines with simple shades.

Black and grey artworks are occasionally linked together to boast a 3D look. The Watercolor style is also widely praised especially for Divinities.

Henna is also widely used for a temporary, lasting tattoo for a few weeks, primarily by women.

Hindu Tattoos Type

You can find a lot, really a lot of prominent figures and emblems in Hindu religion, that can be considered for inking, (330 Million), remember? The sacred geometry which is ‘a thing’ these days can also be linked to the Hindu religion.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular tattoo designs:

OM ‘ॐ’

A Sanskrit term, the basis of all Life in Hinduism, The God of Gods, The Supreme Being, called by uncountable other names, carries the essence of all Universe in his name. “Om” is considered as the greatest of all Mantras.


A widely popular pot-bellied Hindu God of wisdom and learning, an admired idol in the Hindu imagery is depicted as a cute being having an Elephant Head.

Lord Ganesha is praised at the inauguration of all things and overcoming the obstacles. You can never miss this tattoo as this is the literal elephant in the room.


It symbolizes creation, destruction, and power is one of the darker gods and is usually depicted as having a fiery temper.

It also portrays the power of the influential mother figure and Yes!

The women empowerment too, from the age when this word didn’t even exist. It makes up for beautifully detailed tattoo usually done in Blackish-blue shades.


The mischievous kid famous for this shenanigans and miracles, is also quite sought for baby names.

He is the God of the incarnation of wisdom and truth. Krishna is also known for his feather clothes and the flute that he plays so divinely that wives and daughters of other cowherds get attracted and dance with him under the moonlight.

Flute with feather tattoo is a famous rendition of Krishna’s tattoo.


It is a unique sacred flower, having a wide range of meanings which mainly represents purity and divinity. It is symbol fertility, youth, and enlightenment. This can fulfill your Flowery-Hindu ink-work desires.

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It originated from the Sanskrit word ‘svastika’, confers prosperity and happiness with a mantra, “All is Well” before it was ruined by the Nazis, who made people hate the sign.

It is still used in Indian households for good fortune, luck, and well-being. This symbol plays a significant role in Jainism and Buddhism as well.

There are so many renders available for Hindu Tattoos which can fulfill any tattoo enthusiasts desires.

You just need to be patient and curious enough to scroll through the vastness of these tattoos and pick the best one for yourself suiting all of your needs. And lastly, until you’re fully informed and satisfied – RESEARCH!

Hindu Tattoos Designs

Hindu TattoosHindu Tattoos


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