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23+ Extremely Beautiful Flower Tattoos for Men & Women

In this age where tattoos are becoming trendy day by day, there are a lot of rare and custom made designs available to us, but if you want to go with something more traditional and on the Old-is-Gold note, flower tattoos are one of the most beautiful options to consider.

There is nothing erroneous with saying that flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of the universe.

Flowers delight your eyes, and their beauty is compared to a lot of different things in this world, mainly women. Flowers had been a part of a history and cultures for centuries.

Flower tattoos have become increasingly common these days. A flower is a very versatile tattoo choice which will always be perceived as beautiful.

Flower Tattoos Meaning

There are roughly 400,000 species of flowers on this planet and every flower carts a special symbolic meaning for its unique attributes and sometimes for a historical reason.

Meanings of flower tattoos may vary from culture to culture, for example, a flower tattoo meaning in Japanese tattoo art can be entirely different from its meaning in the Mexican tattoo-art and so on.

Flower Tattoos Popularity & Placement

Numerous meanings and symbols have been exemplified by flowers, which couldn’t possibly be listed here.

If your tattoo is looking plain, you can always compliment it by adding some flowers to make it look attractive and increase its aesthetics.

They can be the first tattoo of your life or one of the many. There is no denying the fact that flower tattoos can be placed on any part of the body from wrists to back and from shoulders to the calves.

Flower tattoos can be standalone or can be mixed up in a different design, really, the sky is the limit for imagination.

Flower Tattoos for Men as Well as Women

When someone starts thinking to get a flower tattoo, they are usually perceived as a woman’s choice.

Over time, as the popularity of flower tattoos have emerged and they have become increasingly familiar to men as well.

There has always been a misconception that males should not get a flower tattoo as their masculinity denies it, but that is apparently wrong.

Yes! Flowers are a symbol of femininity, but in today’s age, a man can get one too because – GENDER-EQUALITY people! They can easily be used as a sleeve or an elbow tattoo for males.

Flower Tattoos Types

These flower artworks can be designed with a watercolor effect or a cringy dotted pattern, or it may be an old-fashioned retro design that might fulfill your desires or a Trash Polka pattern, the sky is the limit, remember?

Flower designs can be done with bold and bright colors easily. A gentle splish-splash of detail might meet your expectations of a subtle and straightforward tattoo design.

As discussed earlier, flowers can have an unlimited number of meanings subject to its species and history.

  1. A Lotus, from Hindu tattoo designs, can prove an excellent choice if you are looking for something modest yet meaningful. It is a figure of knowledge, enlightenment, and life.
  2. In Japanese tattoo art; the Cherry Blossom Tattoo is often depicted as falling petals being drifted away by the wind. The cherry blossom reflects a unique attribute which is called
  3. “Mono no aware” meaning “Empathy towards things”. It is seen as a metaphor for life echoing its mortality. They are one of the smallest flower tattoos representing mortality, life, and death.
  4. Chrysanthemum Tattoo is another most popular tattoo associated with the Japanese art. In Japan, the Chrysanthemum is associated with Royalty – The Emperor, who sits on something called the Chrysanthemum Throne. The Chrysanthemum represents happiness and joy as well as longevity. While on the other hand, In China, it is associated with Taoism and depicts simplicity and perfection.
  5. Rose tattoos are adorable but are less frequent in Eastern tattoo arts. Rose tattoos are the staples of traditional American tattoo culture. The queen of roses, The Red rose, represents undying love, hope, balance and new beginnings.
  6. In Christianity, the flower ‘Lily’ is a symbol of innocence and purity of Virgin Mary. The ancient Greeks believed it sprang from the milk of Hera – Queen of the Gods.
  7. The Red Hibiscus, one of the 250 colorful flowers of the Hibiscus plant, is considered the flower of the Hindu Goddess Kali. Other Hibiscus flowers have been representations of many nations like South Korea, Malaysia and the Republic of Haiti.
  8. The Gladioli flower which grows in the Mediterranean part of Europe which can also be found in tropical Africa, Asia, and South Africa, represents sincerity and strength of character.
  9. The beautiful Tulips were one of the most beautiful flowers in Europe in the 17th century. Yellow Tulip signifies cheerful thoughts while the white conveys forgiveness; Red Tulip symbolizes true love while the Purple Tulip represents royalty.
  10. Whether it is a lotus, hibiscus, lily, poppy, rose or sunflower design used in the tattoo, each one holds a profound symbolic meaning depending upon its nature and the person who wears it, has to keep that in mind before inking him/herself. Flower tattoos can also be considered for background tattoos of other tattoos.

Flower Tattoos Designs

Flower Tattoos Flower Tattoos


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