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Dreamcatcher tattoos are the best ways to keep your dreams with you and shoo away the bad nightmares. The dreamcatcher exists in a lot of patterns and a variety of colors. The dreamcatcher may be decorated with different kinds of animals, birds and all the other various patterns.

Where did Dreamcatcher Tattoos Originate From?

Dreamcatcher tattoos originated from the Native American culture and are believed to have been created by the Anishinabe people.

These Anishinabe people are the native people who originally belong to the native American tribes and are bound to live in the North-Central States along with the Southern part of Canada.

The Legend of the Spider Women

As per the Anishnabe people, these spider women were known for traveling all around the world and visit different places to cradle the babies that were newly born.

As per the information, these women had the power to create magical webs over the cradle of the babies. These magical webs were known to protect the babies from bad dreams and nightmares.

However, as time passed, things change, and it became pretty difficult for her to reach out to every newborn child in the correct time. For this very reason, the women of the tribes took a step forward and started making their dreamcatcher to protect their babies.

The dreamcatcher was utterly natural and made of natural things. They were changed on a regular basis as they didn’t have the property to last very long.

Basic Pattern of Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher is a loop which is round in shape and has loose string webs with a big hole in the center as well as feathers hanging from the strings through the webs.

The pleasant dreams are supposed to travel through the small hole in the mind of the sleeper whereas the bad dreams are supposed to be trapped permanently in the web and are never released.

  • There are different feathers used to make the dreamcatcher, but most of the times, Owl’s feathers are used for the purpose to achieve wisdom. On the contrary, Eagle’s feathers are used for men as they are an epitome of courage.
  • The movement of the feather ensures the arrival as well as the passage of a new, beautiful, and a peaceful dream in someone’s sleep.
  • Tribes mostly make dreamcatchers and, they choose the ones that have eight points and have eight legs as well as it is supposed to be associated with the spider women.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos Meaning

As mentioned, dreamcatcher tattoos are ubiquitous among men and women, in the Native America. It is known to depict the rich heritage. Along with that, it is also known to keep away the harmful energies and all the negativity and evilness.

The person wearing this is protected from all kinds of nightmares as well as bad dreams.

Well, dreamcatcher tattoos are the perfect catch and it is the right choice of tattoo that one would want to have. So, without giving it a second thought, go ahead and get inked with this beautiful and vibrant tattoo.

19+ Dreamcatcher TattoosDreamcatcher Tattoos


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