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30+ Incredible Clock Tattoos for Both Men & Women

Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend his life and Yes! More than money. Time is what we all have in common, and we exist because of it. No matter how hard you try, time always catches up with you and time can heal anything. Time reminds us of permanence and our living actuality.

Clock Tattoos Meaning & Their Importance

If we talk about clocks and watches, they are just automated devices that measure and keeps track of time, yet a masterpiece of engineering. Anybody by getting a tattoo on his her body tries to portray his attitude and feelings.

Artists all over the globe ink people with designs of flowers animals objects etc., and the clock tattoo designs bags an important position with a distinct viewpoint.

Clock Tattoos Symbolicities

There always comes a time in anyone’s life which is so memorable that he/she can never forget it. Clock tattoos are quite alluring because of the diverse symbolic meanings they can interpret.

All life is bound by time and what best way to represent the ultimate truth of life than a clock tattoo artwork. Clock tats portray many unique ideas that a clock or a watch represents.

Clock Tattoos Placement

Clock tattoos designs are attractive, and their aesthetic appeal is greatly influenced by where they are placed on the body. The spot preferred the most for getting a watch/clock tattoo is the shoulder as it suits the shape and size of the work.

Women are often spotted carrying a clock tattoo on their backs while men usually ink them on their sleeves or shoulders. A proficient artist will greatly help you in determining the best place for your desired tattoo.

Small tattoos appear great on wrist, ankle and at the back of the neck. These clock artworks can also be combined with various other elements like a phoenix, dreamcatchers, cross, hearts, trees, etc., to heighten its elegance.

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Clock Tattoos Type

The clock tattoos are a budding trend and can go from being an unsophisticated sundial to ultra-complex pocket watch pieces.

  • The Trash Polka designs also make an excellent companion for clock tattoos to be combined with. The abstractness of the Trash Polka artworks matches that of clock tattoos which significantly augments both of their symbolism.
  • A Pocket Watch tattoo may relate to a specific moment in someone’s life while a Stopwatch tattoo maybe portrayed as a timed event or as a personal best on some occasion.
  • A Flower Clock represents everlasting love.
  • A Skull Clock being one of the most straightforward design depicts mortality and death.
  • Hours, Minutes and Seconds can symbolize time perfection, like always being on time or a person who never misses a deadline.
  • The Ticking of Time may also be seen as the never-ending infinity, metaphorically.
  • Clock’s hands on a tattoo displaying a specific time indicate that the person having it is emotionally attached to that particular moment in time.
  • A Modern Digital Clock tattoo may represent the love of technology and development.
  • A Timeless Clock tattoo with no hands symbolizes disregard for passage of time or in simple words, losing track of time.
  • A Melting Clock which is one of the classics from Salvador Dali’s surreal paintings symbolizes delusional or dynamic experience of time.
  • A Love Clock tattoo represents perpetual adoration, for your parents or your kids or maybe a loved one.

The point is, a Clock, being an incredibly versatile image which can be manipulated into numerous meanings all depending on how it is being rendered, can be a very ambiguous image on its own.

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No matter how you may interrupt these instruments of the time, we’re all bound by it and the ultimate truth it represents.

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